WordPress versus WIX?

Why WordPress versus WIX?

#1 Search Engine Optimization

Does Wix or WordPress handle Search Engine Optimization better? SEO is a very important aspect when you are deciding what script and service will run your website. Is Wix better than WordPress? Not when it comes to SEO and the number of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) tracked when you type in each into the Google search engine. WordPress has almost 50 times the number of SERPs than Wix, meaning it is a far more popular platform. That coincides with the fact that there are 77 million WordPress sites up now versus only 43 million Wix sites.

#2 OWN IT 
It’s open source and filled with choices. Everything is owned by you (unless you choose a hosting plan that gives you a free domain). You are responsible for all themes, plugins, updates, security, and SEO. You can make your site anything you want it to be. Plugins and themes might cost you some good money, but it’s more flexible. You choose who to host through.
You don’t own the site. The URL maybe yours but the hosting is not yours and you can’t modify it any way you wish. You don’t have a choice of hosting companies. You can only have apps and themes that are allowed from Wix. What it does it does well, but if you want something it doesn’t provide, you can’t have it. But you can run a business from it. You can even develop sites for your clients with it. Still, you are limited.
There are over 3000 themes in the WordPress themes directory.
There are 529 HTML5 templates to choose from.
There are currently 35,900 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory alone, there are hundreds more sold on independent websites.
There are currently 223 aps in the app market.