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Professional Woman Speaker - Ginger Rockey-Johnson

Why Remarkable Marketing Solutions work the SEO Strategist Ginger Rockey-Johnson the Original Spice Girl of Tampa Bay?

We understand how big the social media and search engine optimization picture is for your business. If you don’t already feel the effects of not being visible on the Internet, don’t wait another six months.  Social Media and search strategies are here to stay and the small business owners today need these tools to make a difference. At Spice Girl of Tampa Bay – Remarkable Marketing Solutions offering Done For You Marketing Strategies including Social Media & Search Engine Optimization Services to meet your busy schedule. So Spice it Up with Spice Girl of Tampa Bay!

Social media marketing through blogging, Twitter, Facebook and other websites means connecting to your customers, listening to them and learning about what they want from you. If done properly, you can effectively harness hundreds of thousands of interested consumers. But social media marketing takes creativity, perseverance, and skill. Gone are the days of “selling your product”. Nobody will want to buy from you on the Internet if you are engaging in traditional marketing tactics. In fact, social media is wedded to public relations by the promise of a relationship with your customers.

The new marketing is the great equalizer in the world of business – everyone has a chance at going “viral,” building a social media network following, creating a popular blog, or manipulating one of the many tools, available for virtually free, to reaching a core audience. It’s also a much more transparent process: poor planning, off-key messaging and lack of integration among your tactics can produce poor publicity.

Other Key Features of working with Spice Girl of Tampa Bay

  • 16+ years of experience in marketing and social media marketing discipline
  • Strong Knowledge of: SEO/SEM, Web Analytics, and Social Media
  • Proficient in: Adobe Creative Suite 4 & 5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc.)
  • Hootsuite Certified Partner
  • Constant Contact Certified Partner & Email Best Practices
  • Experience working with marketing automation systems
  • Experience growing and engaging an audience via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and blogs.
  • Experience with various marketing and social measurement tools/platforms, Hootsuite, WordPress, etc.
  • Copy writing skills for content management
  • Strong analytical and communication skills